ALUMAPRO had humble beginnings in the field of aerospace as a division of a former military supplier. Responsible for creating a wide range of military aircraft, ships and ground-based systems, and developing precision magnetic devices, you can be sure that ALUMAPRO specializes in high-performance components.  

ALUMAPRO is home to an engineering staff with high production capabilities. Vertically oriented, ALUMAPRO employs the latest resources like CAD/CAM engineering, CNC machining, modern production facilities, and military-standard quality control. 



our history

ALUMAPRO, a former division of Sytronic Instruments, has a long rich history of designing military-grade, magnetic technology. We implement this same expertise and precision in each and every project we undertake. 

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"A miniature powerhouse--the Alumapro generates bass that is impressive not just in output level, but in quality and deep bass extension too. Highly recommend." - Auto Sound and Security

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