Our History


It all started when...

ALUMAPRO began in 1994 as a division of Syntoronic Instruments, a leading maker of precision magnetics. ALUMAPRO's first product was a metal cone musical instruments speaker for bass guitar. After several years, the technology that developed spawned a line of car audio subwoofers. 

At the time, metal cone speakers were a novelty and ALUMAPRO's debut of ultra-rigid cones and vivid colors started a new trend in the industry. ALUMAPRO embraced the new features such as Santoprene surrounds, Nomex suspensions, and Ferrofluid cooling. In addition, Syntronic's military liaisons ushered in technology to develop the highly successful C.A.P. series. 

ALUMAPRO has a rich history of leadership in a fast growing field. Over the years, ALUMAPRO has introduced numerous innovations to the audio industry a we continue to be at the forefront of audio technology development.