ALUMAPRO is a company for the future, and destined to expand into a broad range of loud speaker markets.


who is alumapro?

ALUMAPRO got its start in aerospace, developing precision magnetic devices. As a division of a former military supplier, creating a wide range of military aircraft, ships and ground-based systems, Alumapro specializes in high-performance components.  

ALUMAPRO is home to an engineering staff with high production capabilities. Vertically oriented, ALUMAPRO employs the latest resources like CAD/CAM engineering, CNC machining, modern production facilities, and military-standard quality control. 

ALUMAPRO’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities continue to produce cutting edge technologies with a high standard of quality that is complimented by a fit and finish that is equaled by none. Our products are designed for the consumer that demands the highest degree of performance.
— ALUMAPRO - The "Innovative Leader" of the 12-Volt Industry

Technical Resources

  • Concepts drawn and detailed with CAD/CAM programs
  • Wire-frame and solids modeling facilitate immediate revisions
  • Files archived to central database for instant access among all departments and divisions
  • Critical components engineered with dynamic FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to ensure highest power capacity and reliability
  • Motor structures benefit from our exstensive 3D magnetics modeling software
  • Machine capabilities include CNC milling, turning, and grinding centers
  • Skilled machinists and diamond tooling convert exotic raw materials into high-accuracy components and fixtures
  • Models are engineered and machined in-house, utilizing solid and wire-type EDM (Electronic Discharge Machining) equipment