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AluSonic Ex 8 inCH, 10 inch, 12 inch

The Alusonic, a value leader in metal cone technology! Ideal balance of design features to achieve stunning performance at very affordable prices. It blends our proven alloy cone with a vented, extended motor assembly to produce numbing amounts of hard-hitting bass and power handling capabilities up to 250 watts RMS and 400 watts peak. A specially designed frame and suspension yield an inch of cone excursion, with a cosmetic magnet cover and powder-coat finish for expensive looks without the expense.

Alchemy 12.JPG

Alchemy mx 10 inch, 12 inch

Years of development resulted in our award winning metal cone subwoofer line: Features like an ultra-modern cast alloy frame employing aero-venting under the proprietary spider to minimize noise; an extended multi layer voice coil to maximize linear excursion; Ferrofluidic motor structure that significantly lowers distortion and enhances both power capacity and reliability; unique Santoprene surround for smooth, long-life operation over a wide temperature range; maximum performance and awesome looks for the most discriminating audio enthusiasts.

RX Woofer.jpeg

Alchemy RX 12 inch

The new flagship model of the Alchemy-series, the RX offers bold styling and greater performance. A huge motor structure with integral forced-air cooling effectively doubles power capacity. A pure copper shorting ring cancels harmonic distrotion, FEA-optimized alloy cone assembly increases strength while reducing moving mass. Rugged Santoprene surround for more excursion and linearity under the widest operating extremes. Laminated dual spider assembly for long-term performance and reliability.

6.5 Component.jpeg

alumapro 5.25 inch, 6.5 inch component set

The component sets have been designed and engineered with many advanced features:

Curvilinear metal alloy cones provide exceptional off-axis response and band width. The rigidity of these cones provides extreme dynamic range and lowest distortion.

Large voice coils and bottomless suspension maximize power capacity and linearity, while reducing dynamic compression.

Rigid cast mid-bass frames provide structural strength and provide tightest tolerances. Universal mounting holes fit the majority of vehicles without adapters or modifications.

Euro styling, and shallow designs with reduced mounting depths, are ideal for both contemporary and classic vehicles.


Alchemy H2O 10 inch, 12 Inch

The Alchemy H2O is made to with stand the marine environment while you cruise rivers, lakes, and oceans providing performance similar to what you expect on land. Water, moisture, heat…do not effect the performance of the H2O! The metal cone and powder coated cast frame provide are the ground work for the strength of the H2O


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EAD Production.JPG

Euro audio design plug and play bmw replacement speakers

Euro Audio Design focuses on European model cars. Current loudspeaker products are engineered for BMW 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7, X1, X3, X5. All drivers are “plug-n-play” design, and optimized to out-perform the factory systems. Extensive use of high technology materials, such as composite cones and engineered polymers, ensures highest quality sound and long life. Our engineers have worked with the top European companies to develop drivers that bring the dynamics and imaging of the finest home systems—to the automotive environment.

Powered BP Enclosure.JPG

Powered bANDPASS enclosure / 8 inch, 10 inch


BP-Series Subwoofers

The BP-Series subwoofers are optimized to produce maximum acoustic output in the smallest space. Their unique dual chamber design has higher efficiency than conventional sealed or vented enclosures, so they are louder with smaller amplifier requirements. In addition their frequency response is tailored to closely complement the acoustics of the car environment , and extends the bass below 30hz.