“The Alchemy is one of those rare delights in car audio. It not only works in a small box, but has impressively low distortion and a brutal output ability. This is the kind of performance that only happens when you mix a passion for music with serious attention to detail. Highly recommend.”
— Howard Doctor, Auto Sound & Security Magazine

“ALUMAPRO is a speaker manufacturer aptly named for its rigid and vibrant aluminum alloy woofer cones. The color-anodized aluminum alloy cone not only makes for visually shocking appeal and offers an extremely rigid lightweight material for optimum performance and superior sound reproduction.”
— MiniTruckin Magazine

The Alchemy 10-inch subwoofer was delivered to us in a small bandpass enclosure. The back of the enclosure sports a clear Plexiglas panel, which allows us to view the woofer in its natural habitat. The woofer itself is built like a tank: it features a beefy cast basket, a magnet that would make the North Pole jealous, and an alloy cone to boot. The overall sound quality of the Alchemy was really good. With the dainty 1.7 cubic feet enclosure it’s nice to know that you could put something else in your trunk with your subwoofer. The Alumapro Alchemy jams.
— Car Sound Magazine

I like this subwoofer. I can recommend this subwoofer to you with confidence and from what I’m told, Alumapro’s car audio subwoofers are built to the same high standards.
— Car Audio Magazine

Not a single competitor we talked to had anything but good things to say about the Alumapro C.A.P. In fact, just about everyone who didn’t have one wanted to know how to get one.
— Car Sound Magazine

The Alumapro [10” subwoofer] was the best all-around performer with good output and efficiency.
— Car Audio Magazine

A miniature powerhouse—the Alumapro generates bass that is impressive not just in output level, but in quality and deep bass extension too. Highly recommended.
— Henry Z. De Kuyper

Top quality can be found throughout the Alumapro subwoofer lines. Features which include rubber surround, utilized cone/voice coil construction for improved heat dissipation, poly/cotton spider, fast aluminum frame, gold-plated terminals, large magnet structure and vented pole piece are combined to create an impressive and high-quality driver.
— Audio Sound and Security Magazine

These speakers are quite unique.
— LowRider Magazine